Digital Purchase & Planning

Our solution on organic and food industry helps to stream line the entire process starts with the farmer/Crop registrations, procurement and total Supply chain management in Efficent way.

Handle your agents and customers more effectively by having great view on Inventory ,Transfers ,Sales orders and return orders.

Trace the farmers as well as material procurred, and analyse the cost and the processes involved in final poroduct making. Barcode are generated with the specific information related to lot with the price defined by the sales team. Lot based safety lead time controls the inventory , Transfers and returs from C&F agets as well as Ecommerce customers.

Manage your farmer and aggrigators data with Farmer management system efficiently.

Lot based tracability enhances your warehouse picking capabilities based on the item expiry.

Item lot wise MRP is printed on final product with the barcode and the same can be scanned and picked at the time of despaching.

Input QC, Process QC at the time Raw material procuremnet and production helps to produce the flawless final products .


Purchase and Payables


Alternative Order Addresses

Set up multiple addresses to manage orders from vendors that in addition to a main business address have more than one site from which they ship orders. These additional locations can then be selected by the purchasing agent when creating a purchase order or invoice.

Basic Payables

Set up and maintain a vendor table, post purchase transactions in journals, and manage payables. Includes the vendor table and enables you to generate vendor ledger entries using general journals. Use this together with the Multiple Currencies module to post purchase transactions and manage payables in multiple currencies for each vendor. This module is always used if your solution requires a vendor table. It is integrated with General Ledger and Inventory and it is required for the configuration of all other Purchase and Payables module. Purchase Invoicing is also frequently used with this module.

Drop Shipments

Handle order shipments directly from the vendor to the customer without having to physically stock items in your inventory while still keeping track of order costs and profit. The drop shipment process is facilitated through the automatic linking of sales and purchase orders that control the built-in sequence of posting tasks.


Purchase Invoicing

Set up, post, and print purchase invoices and purchase credit memos. This module is integrated with General Ledger and Inventory.


Purchase Line Discounting

Manage multiple item purchase price discounts that you have negotiated with individual vendors as based on such parameters as minimum quantity, unit of measure, currency, item variant and time period. The best, as based on the highest discount, unit cost is calculated for the purchase line when the order details meet the conditions specified in the purchase line discounts table.

Purchase Invoice Discounts

Calculate invoice discounts automatically. The discount can differ from vendor to vendor with different minimum amounts (also in different currencies) and different rates, depending on the size of the invoice. The discount is calculated on the individual item lines and becomes part of the net sum of the invoice

Purchase Line Pricing

Manage multiple item purchase prices that you have negotiated with individual vendors as based on such parameters as minimum quantity, unit of measure, currency, item variant and time period. The best, that is the lowest, unit cost is brought to the purchase line when the order details meet the conditions specified in the purchase prices table.

Purchase Order Management

Manage purchase quotes, blanket orders, and purchase order processes. Creating a purchase order differs from creating a purchase invoice directly. The quantity available is adjusted as soon as an amount is entered on a purchase order line, but it is not affected by a purchase invoice until the invoice is posted. Use this module to:

  • Manage partial receipts.
  • Receive and invoice separately and create prepayment invoices for the purchase order.
  • Use quotes and blanket orders in the purchase phase. (Quotes and blanket orders do not affect inventory figures.)


Purchase Return Order Management

Create a purchase return order in order to compensate your own company for wrong or damaged items. Items can then be picked from the purchase return order. You can set up partial return shipments or combine return shipments in one credit memo and link purchase return orders with replacement purchase orders


Requisition Management

Automate the supply planning process by using the Requisition Worksheet. Generate optimal suggestions for replenishing inventory through purchases and transfers based on the item’s current and future demand and availability, as well as a variety of planning parameters, such as minimum and maximum quantities and reorder quantities. Display a graphical overview of the planning impact and allow the user to change the plan using a drag-and-drop operation, prior to executing the plan

Alternatively, use Order Planning—a simplified supply planning tool that enables you to plan supply for all types of demand in an order-by-order fashion, with no considerations for optimization.