Our implementation methodology benefits richly from our collective intellectual capital and prior client success stories, which are available through vast array of accelerators like pre-configured...


DI provides functional and technical consultancy support for companies and organizations . The services are offered for both on-site and off-shore. Our experienced consultants will help you through...

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DI has proven experience in upgrading and migrating from the old version to latest versions. DI has it's own proven methodology for making the upgradation process succeessful which depends on diffe...

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Our implementation methodology benefits richly from our collective intellectual capital and prior client success stories, which are available through vast array of accelerators like pre-configured...


Who We Are

Dynamic Informatics is a specialized Microsoft Dynamics & Oracle Netsuite partners and Service Company run by passionate, professional and highly experienced team. Dynamic Informatics is synonymous with successful ERP project implementations that resulted in a large satisfied customer base. Dynamic Informatics brings in a wealth of collective experience of over 75 years in ERP implementation of multiple projects in various industrial sectors.

Dynamic Informatics has a focused approach, supplemented with Project methodology to deliver Fixed Cost and Fixed Time ERP projects unheard of, in the Market. Our teams understand the full breadth and capability of Microsoft Dynamics (NAV , AX , CRM and Dynamics 365 ) & Oracle Netsuite products and are able to tailor it to customer's precise business needs and ensure that your organization utilize the software to its fullest potential. Various industrial sectors like Bulk Drugs, Chemicals, Process, Discrete, Metals, Transformers Manufacturing, Heavy Metal Engineering, Retail, Electric Equipment/Manufacturing. Our solutions have supported Successfully organizations involved in project manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, flow manufacturing, organic food manufacturing, hospitality.


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Managing Director


Divakar Manyam Started his IT career with Wipro Infotech since 1982 Divakar has worked in various multinational companies like Tectura, Nexvisionix as V.P - Projects. Divakar started his ERP career in Middle East, with BaaN in 1997 and also worked as Project Manager for Oracle Apps till 2005, Before starting this venture, Divakar served as Director – ERP Division for Jeevan Softech Ltd, Hyderabad, a public listed company for three years.

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Viswanath Konduru worked earlier as Project Lead and practice Lead at reputed software companies. Viswanath to his credit designed and developed the Vertical solutions along with enhance modules of Quality control and Plant & Maintenance. He was heading a team of 20 personnel in his development and implementation teams. He is passionate about software design & developmnet and was the architect in his previous responsibility.

Customer Success Stories


There is a misconception that ERP implementation is cumbersome and complex. Many companies despite the necessity and not having the financial constraints also, are refraining from going forward. please find out more from our FAQ page to get all your doubts are cleared. Please contact us for more information. we are happy to help you.

  • Will it take care of my future plans for expansion, additional divisions or sister companies?

    Yes. It is capable of taking care of all you future plans including multicompany set up ready. So, in case you have more companies, you can have company wise reports, consolidated reports at group level and intermediate level as you wish.

  • How long the implementation will take? When do I get Return on my Investment?Do I need skilled man power?

    For a vanilla implementation you need 2 months to get it up and running. However, your team should be ready to give all the inputs on master data like items, suppliers, customers, Chart of accounts, stocks and values etc.. You will start seeing the benefits from going live that is from the first month itself. However, it will take about 3 to 4 months to observe appreciable ROI. No need to have skilled man power. Our ERP solutions are very user friendly and employees familiar with Excel can learn the required sessions in two days.

  • I am a manufacturer. How does the ERP help ?

    Most manufacturing companies face problems like MRP ( material requirement planning), Machine planning, labour planning, production planning. It is common that many times, equipment or final products are stuck on floor for want of low value items that disrupt the production flow. Do your require material planning to be carried out min, max planning..

  • My work is seasonal. Sometimes, I need more people to work and at other times fewer hands are sufficient ?

    No problem at all. We have thought that of such requirement and gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease the users for the next month.

  • The cost of an ERP solution is beyond my budget or capability ?

    True in most cases. But not so with ERP Solutions we are patnered with, that are specially designed for MSME segment. Companies with turn over as low as 5 crores to 5,000 crores may go for this solution with as low as Rs. 3,000/- per month per user. So if your organization can manage with 2 or 3 users, you will be spending only about Rs 6,000/- or Rs 9,000/- per month. You need spend an additional amount of about Rs.2 lacs for implementation to help you design the master data and go live data.

  • What is the difference of ERP and accounting package?

    An accounting package is expected to take care of accounts and meets all the requirements of a finance department. However, an accounting package is not sufficient to take care of your sales, purchases, inventory / stores operations. Moreover, most accounting packages don’t have the cost account module or it’s functionality. Can your system do costing based on FIFO, LIFO, Average costing, Standard costing or Lot controlled costing?

  • Why should my organization go for ERP?

    Very valid question. If the top management is able to get the information required to act, take a decision is available within the required time frames, no need to go for ERP. However, if you are not getting timely accurate information to take decisions or to act, then you must go for ERP.