Real Estate

Investment and commercial real estate operations today need comprehensive, timely, and accurate data to be competitive and more profitable. You want better information to manage properties more efficiently and streamline your interactions with tenants, managers, lenders, and owners. Microsoft Dynamics Navision Real Estate Management integrates your real estate operation so that you are more involved with managing investments rather than paperwork and data.

If projects are going to come in on a budget, then it often requires that they hit important deadlines and avoid costly delays. Therefore, the need for software that is a reliable means of planning, scheduling, budgeting, communicating, assigning and monitoring individual tasks is all important.

Some platforms are generic project management tools such as that could be useful, but there is a strong argument to suggest that real estate project managers need industry-specific software.There needs to be a close focus on risk and cost management, which are crucial in the real estate sector.The business of real estate also requires dealing with many clients and working on large-scale projects.

Dynamic Informactics, Microsoft Dynamics Navision is not explicitly designed for the real estate sector, but the company does package this general project management in a way that is designed for the industry. They recognise that real estate is about people and projects and therefore show how the software can be organised to reflect this.

Space optimization

  • Create and manage all types of real estate objects, including business entity, land, building, rental unit, rental space, and rental room objects
  • Account for unusual architectural structures, usage considerations, and technical amenities and features
  • Define spaces flexibly and rent them, extracting them from a larger available space
  • Represent your real estate objects visually via data exchange with external graphic systems

Contract management

  • Manage all contracts related to your real estate portfolio, including lease-in, lease-out, customer, and vendor contracts
  • Assign any number of rental objects from different business entities, buildings, or company codes to any one contract

Centralised business processes

  • Integrate asset management postings and reports; real estate controlling; and planning and controlling of new building developments,maintenance, and modernization projects
  • Manage purchase order processing and commitments for real estate maintenance