Organic & Food Industry

Our solution on organic and food industry helps to stream line the entire process starts with the farmer/Crop registrations, procurement and total Supply chain management in Efficent way.

Handle your agents and customers more effectively by having great view on Inventory ,Transfers ,Sales orders and return orders.

Trace the farmers as well as material procurred, and analyse the cost and the processes involved in final poroduct making. Barcode are generated with the specific information related to lot with the price defined by the sales team. Lot based safety lead time controls the inventory , Transfers and returs from C&F agets as well as Ecommerce customers.

Manage your farmer and aggrigators data with Farmer management system efficiently.

Lot based tracability enhances your warehouse picking capabilities based on the item expiry.

Item lot wise MRP is printed on final product with the barcode and the same can be scanned and picked at the time of despaching.

Input QC, Process QC at the time Raw material procuremnet and production helps to produce the flawless final products .

Dynamcis NAV features on Organic & Food Industry

Organic Farmer Management

Record Farmer data and Farm activities such as crop management, storage, payments and monitor the procurement process.

Oganic Quality Control

Our QC add on helps companies to improve the product quality with in the supply chain and helps to handle nonconforming products regardless of inputs.

Organic Warehouse

Allow organizations to control and administer warehouse operations from the time goods or materials enter a warehouse until they move out.

Organic Financial Management

Microsoft dynamics financial management provides great transparency in your finance and accounting with the least possible margin errors.

Organic Sales & Marketing

Covers supply chain major operations like purchases, supplier analysis, inventory management, quotes, ordering and invoicing, customer database etc

Organic Production

Streamlines companies manufacturing process and, manage production, bill of materials as well as supply chain planning efficiently.