Bulk Drugs And Formulations


The bulk Drugs Industry is an unique industry of its kind and the standard ERP functionality does not fit the standard industry functionality in some critical areas. Hence the need to develop additional functionality and customize standard ERP functionality to suit the specific needs of this industry vertical.

The unique differentiation that is the vital need of Bulk Drugs Industry:

      • Multiple crops/ output from single loading of the reactor: from the same bill of material and single loading same finished item of three different grades are produced. It should be treated as three different products as the costs are different. Each product variant has a different batch name for traceability.
      • Recovery of the solvents: Agents are used in the chemical reactors to achieve the desired results. The agents are recovered and reused for the next production orders.
      • Lot traceability of Finished product as well as Raw materials used. Most essential as if for any reason recall of a particular product has to be recalled. Also, of paramount importance to know the input material used in multiple BOMs in various products.
      • GMP compliance: The ERP solution that will take care of and ensure that the GMP and SOPs are adhered to and complied with.
      • Product Costing: full-pledged costing provision as per Indian statutory requirements and meeting all the report requirements. Most importantly every company wants to know exactly the cost to arrive at the selling price after deciding on the profit margin. While the selling price or MRP is decided mostly on external factors, the costs incurred are purely due to internal management of existing resources appropriately. The ERP will accurately present the actual expense, costs, and profitability by items, item groups, by sales orders.
      • Production batch/order planning: Production planning is the heart of a factory functioning and optimization of production based on material availability reactors availability is of paramount importance for an organization.
      • Finance management: every organization has a resource crunch on finances. Accurate funds flow analysis will help organizations to plan better and do deliver the maximum in a specified period. Our solution will help the management to get a clear view of the financial flows.

      Quality module developed exclusively for the requirements of the specific industry and improve product quality within your supply chain.

Dynamcis NAV features on Bulk Drugs And Formulations

Bulk Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics Streamlines companies manufacturing process and manage production, bill of materials as well as supply chain planning efficiently.

Bulk Quality Control

Our QC add on helps companies to improve the product quality with in the supply chain and helps to handle nonconforming products regardless of inputs

Bulk Warehouse

Manage and control your suppy chain management and Inventory effectively with Microsoft Dynamics Advanced warehouse system .

Bulk Financial Management

Microsoft dynamics financial management provides great transparency in your finance and accounting with the least possible margin errors.

Bulk Sales & Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics provides seemless Collaboration with your customers, contacts and helps to enhance your sales efficiency.

Bulk Purchase & Planning

Microsoft dynamics purchsaing module enables companies manage their purchase prossesing and account payables comprehensivly