Dynamic Informatics - ERP Selections

Dynamic Informatics offer consultant services to companies who are interested in going for ERP. We study the companies requirements, strengths, and weaknesses, accordingly, we choose an ERP Solution that is the right fit for the organization.

Dynamic Informatics also help organizations to integrate the disparate solution into the ERP.

We want to become a leader in working with clients to significantly transform their organizations, with deep industry expertise in all major sectors. Your team is handpicked from our worldwide network of domain experts to provide the valuable insights and innovative thinking you need for a smooth and successful implementation. Our resources are involved in the following areas:


  • Identify the pain points, challenges, and inefficiencies in your current processes and define your business goals and objectives for implementing an ERP system.
  • Conducting thorough research on available ERP systems. Consider factors like industry specialization, scalability, integration capabilities, deployment options (cloud-based, on-premises, hybrid), and technology stack. Create a shortlist of ERP systems that seem to align with your requirements.
  • Evaluating the responses from ERP vendors based on requirements. Select a subset of vendors to conduct product demonstrations. During these demos, assess how well the system meets your needs, ease of use, user interface, and overall user experience.
  • Conducting a POC or pilot phase to test the ERP system with a smaller-scale implementation. This phase allows you to validate the system's capabilities and its fit within your organization's processes.
  • Evaluating the total cost of ownership, including licensing, implementation, training, customization, maintenance, and ongoing support. Consider short-term and long-term costs to make an informed financial decision.