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Project Management System


ERP conceived and developed by pioneers of web-based ERP in India, eresource infotech is a comprehensive ERP system for project-based industries. nfra ERP for Project Management enables careful estimation, planning, scheduling, and costing.

ERP is an efficient ERP tool for complete management and analysis of any project. This comprehensive project-based ERP solution helps the estimation of the new projects that are coming up, resource management, time and expense management, and compliance with contract needs and accounting standards.The purpose of nfra ERP for Project-based industries is to create project management easier, with correct and up-to-date standing data, substantive alerts and embedded project analysis and coverage.

Designed to support the requirements of industries with a project orientation; eresource nfra Project Management provides versatile work breakdown structure capabilities as well as structure phases among a project.

ERP system is designed to serve the evolving accounting work of project-based industries like skilled services, construction, and engineering.

ERP system isn't only for giant businesses. This ERP system has been developed to cater the needs of small and middle sized corporations.

Dynamcis NAV features on Projects & Services

Project Work Breakdown Structure

Microsoft Dynamics Streamlines companies manufacturing process and manage production, bill of materials as well as supply chain planning efficiently.

Project Scheduling

Our QC add on helps companies to improve the product quality with in the supply chain and helps to handle nonconforming products regardless of inputs.

Project Resource Utilization

Manage and control your suppy chain management and Inventory effectively with Microsoft Dynamics Advanced warehouse system .

Project Financial Management

Microsoft dynamics financial management provides great transparency in your finance and accounting with the least possible margin errors.

Project Invoicing (Sales)

Microsoft Dynamics provides seemless Collaboration with your customers, contacts and helps to enhance your sales efficiency.

Project Purchase

Microsoft dynamics purchsaing module enables companies manage their purchase prossesing and account payables comprehensivly