Electrical & Mechanical

ERP for Electrical Industry

The Electrical industry comprises of manufacturers who produce generation equipment, transmission equipment and allied equipments. Primarily Electrical manufacturers are involved in production of generators, boilers, turbines, electrical transformers, electrical cables & wires, switchgears, capacitors, process & control equipments, instrumentation & control equipments, measuring equipments & instruments, lighting & luminaries etc

Increasing competition in the Electrical industry requires companies to reduce production cycle time, lower operation costs, improve efficiencies and increase productivity in order to ensure a faster time to market. Leveraging the power of an ERP is imperative to ensure LEAN manufacturing, integrate & control processes, ensure proper material planning to stay competitive and ensure profitability

Spectrum ERP for Electrical Industry Spectrum ERP provides Material Management, Planning & Production, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Distribution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll and Plant Maintenance module. Spectrum ERP also has Business Intelligence solution and Mobile Apps. Spectrum ERP can also be seamlessly integrated with Tally Software.

Key Modules of Spectrum ERP for Electrical Industry Spectrum ERP for Electrical Industry has modules designed, configured as per the requirements of Electrical Industry. Spectrum ERP helps Electrical manufacturers to integrate and streamline critical business processes such as procurement, inventory management, supply chain, asset management & plant maintenance, improve logistics, control production costs, in order to ensure profitability.

  • Pre Sales and Sales Activity (Including Estimation) Spectrum ERP is capable of handling all pre-sales activities related to Enquiry, Estimations & Quotations. It records all enquiries, helps generate estimations, prepare quotations, revise quotations. This significantly saves time to prepare quotations and estimates. It also maintains information about quotations lost to competitors and records reasons for future analysis.
  • Bill of Material (BOM Management) Spectrum ERP has a very comprehensive Bill of Material module. Our BOM can be used for both Make to Order as well as Make to Stock production. It provides a complete list of raw materials, assemblies, sub-assemblies, components and precise quantity. It helps to record details of whether components are to be manufactured or bought out. We offer a variety of BOM features such as Estimation BOM, Manufacturing BOM, Multi-Level BOM, Structural BOM. It provides BOM revisions feature which makes the updated and correct BOM version available to all concerned.
  • Procurement Control Spectrum ERP procurement module, inventory module, and warehouse module are tightly integrated with the Production module. This helps to procure the right material, in the right quantity at the right time. This helps managing demand planning, supply of material and inventory controls to ensure overall lean inventory. Our e-Procurement solution automates and streamlines procurement processes, which enables efficient and transparent procurement of raw materials, consumable & capital items.

ERP Metal Mechanical Industry

An ERP system metal mechanical industry is an optimal solution for the management of each of the technical processes and business that needs the metal sector.

Throughout the human life, he has been developed materials and tools with different metals and this has marked the line of evolution. The metal mechanics industry has demonstrated its capacity to adapt to the demands of a globalized world and at the same time, has highlighted the unique potential and strength which has acquired in recent years in Mexico.

The development of metal products has had a constant development thanks to the momentum of the automotive and aeronautics; because of this, it is that our country has managed to position in the seventh place of importing countries of machinery and tool in the world.

Configurations and unique requirementsAssume new business requires coordinated capabilities of product management With an ERP metal mechanical industry, it is possible to maintain a dynamic collaboration between suppliers and organizations that improve the efficiency of the activities The combined flows of information engineering and manufacturing increase the quality of the products, which has a positive impact the work as the costing and resource management for their manufacture.

Cost and production optimized The processing requirements may vary depending on the client, the location and method of manufacture. The supply chain and procurement allow optimally manipulate the raw materials of origin, which reduces costs and speeds up the delivery throughout the supply chain. The total operational visibility of the company maintains an adequate planning and programming of work that involves the tools, processes and staff, and on a global basis is projected an optimized performance.

Supply Chain Control The higher transport costs and the decline of the reliability demand a controlled visibility. The inbound logistics, inventory, and output is planned and managed via the system that provides a supply chain control from end to end. Check the follow-on product provides a preventive support before any complex situation and in addition to this, the control of each service creates a close collaboration with the provider.

Quality management The activities disconnected increases the likelihood of failure The quality management of an ERP metal mechanical industry optimizes the work plan from one end of the supply chain to the other, which helps to increase profitability and to obtain a greater competitiveness. A concrete approach and regulated for quality management simplifies the regulation and compliance with the production.

Dynamcis NAV features on Electrical & Mechanical

Mechanical Manufacturing & Scrap Management

Microsoft Dynamics Streamlines companies manufacturing process and manage production, bill of materials as well as supply chain planning efficiently.

Mechanical Quality Control

Our QC add on helps companies to improve the product quality with in the supply chain and helps to handle nonconforming products regardless of inputs.

Mechanical Warehouse

Manage and control your suppy chain management and Inventory effectively with Microsoft Dynamics Advanced warehouse system .

Mechanical Financial Management

Microsoft dynamics financial management provides great transparency in your finance and accounting with the least possible margin errors.

Mechanical Sales & Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics provides seemless Collaboration with your customers, contacts and helps to enhance your sales efficiency

Mechanical Purchase & Planning

Microsoft dynamics purchsaing module enables companies manage their purchase prossesing and account payables comprehensivly