For over a decade, our team is part of some of the most successful ERP implementation projects.

We are known for timely and qualitative delivery. Our implementation methodology benefits richly from our collective intellectual capital and prior client success stories, which are available through vast array of accelerators like pre-configured templates, knowledge database, pre-defined test scenarios and business process maps. Our approach is based on “Quick-win” methodology which has been developed on focus ASAP.

Our key expertise includes consulting on organizational change management, data migration tools, enhanced standards for custom development, and application integration. We identify critical tasks upfront (such as data migration, external integrations, end user training etc) and start them in early phases of the project to minimize surprises down the road.


Reboot Services

Disappointed with the ERP solution delivered by another consulting firm? Not to worry. You are not alone or unique. Why? Because, ERP solutions have evolved so much that expertise is not easy to find for all functionality.

We can help. Our experienced consultants can help unravel the issues, conduct a Business Impact Assessment, and get your project back on track. Added value to your solution. Naturally, that means better ROI on your original investment.

Dynamic Informatics is ready to execute projects of any size to the fullest satisfaction of the customer. Customer satisfaction guaranteed. Dynamic Informatics has a focused approach supplemented with Project methodology to deliver Fixed Cost and Fixed Time ERP projects unheard of Indian Market. The team’s confidence is illustrated by the published statement of completion of Bulk Drug Vertical solutions with in 60 days. Same is the case with Standard Vanilla implementations for any industry.